Googlewave Invitations

Posted: December 5, 2009 in google

معايا 3 انفيتيشنز لجوجل ويف

حد عايز ؟؟


I have 3 invitations for Googlewave

Any one want an invitation

  1. angel says:

    wa ana ma3aya 6
    7ad 3ayz
    open bofeh b2a 😀

    welcome snow back 😀

    • elahlawy says:

      oooh wow 🙂
      That’s Nice … 9 invitations for googlewave
      That’s incredible .. before 2 weeks i was crying for an invitation to me
      yeah … snow soo sweety
      Welcome back snow 🙂
      Thanks Angel

  2. i have 8 , any one wanna wave just pm me

  3. elahlawy says:

    OMG !!
    17 invitations !!!
    People who love google and who do not (but i think there’s no one do not love google) .. U must ask for invitations 🙂

    Please ASK 🙂

  4. Ahmed Samir says:

    i have 8 me too 😆 if anyone want 😀

  5. elahlawy says:

    معايا 19
    هاااااااااااااا حد بيفكر لسه ؟

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